Professional vs. DIY Floor Refinishing

When it comes to refinishing your floors, you might think it’s a bargain to DIY and refinish them yourself. But, if you’re working with old flooring or irreplaceable wood, you may want to stop and rethink that decision for a moment—you’ll be living with the finishing job for a long time and there’s not a lot of room for error. Here’s a look at some of the reasons why you may want to consider hiring a professional for this part of your renovation.

Pros Know the Technique

A professional floor finishing company knows exactly what to do to get your floors in the best shape. While you might need to experiment with which type of coating to use, and how many times to buff, professionals already have this expertise. If you have older flooring, it’s best to leave the finishing job up to the experts. If you decide to DIY and then mess it up, you’re stuck with the damage.

Pros Are Familiar with the Equipment

Sure, you can head to the hardware store and rent all the equipment you need. But do you know how it will handle on your floors? Professional floor care companies are familiar with their own machines and know exactly how to get the results they want with them. If you weren’t prepared for how heavy the machines can be, and let them sit in one spot for too long, you could be dealing with a ditch in your floor for the rest of your time in your house. Let the professionals give you the best surface quality possible for you to enjoy for many years.

Pros Are Consistent

When sanding a floor yourself, you have to make sure the sanding job is the same over all of the floorboards. If it isn’t uniform, the boards will accept the stain at different rates, creating inconsistency in color between the boards. A professional will be able to keep the colors the same across all of the boards because they know exactly what to look for when sanding the floor.

Typically, it will take the DIYer twice as long as a professional to get the job done. Sometimes, time is money and in this case, it’s well worth paying professionals to do the job. You’ll end up with a better quality floor, a consistent stain color, and a floor surface you love. This is one investment in your home you won’t be sorry you made.