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Certified/Licensed/Insured Master Home Inspector in Grande Prairie, Alberta – RENE TIMMERMANS

COVID-19 Update:

We are monitoring the situation in Alberta closely, and have taken the necessary precautions to keep our family, and YOURS safe. Rene has recently completed the InterNACHI Covid-19 Safety Guidelines for Home Inspectors course and is prepared to safely inspect homes.

At this time, we request clients, their children, and realtors are not present during inspection. Instead, we would be happy to review the inspection via telephone once the report has been completed.

While on-site, Rene will be following all AHS guidelines, including but not limited to washing hands frequently, wearing PPE, using disinfectant wipes on surfaces he has made contact with (doorknobs, faucets, etc.), he will not be working if he has a fever, cough or other known COVID-19 symptoms.

We will continue to monitor the situation closely and adjust any measures as things change. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or require any clarification.

We are flexible with scheduling 7 days of the week for the convenience of our clients.

About Rene and Carmen Timmermans

Rene and Carmen TimmermansWe have been married for 36 years after dating for a brief 9 months. We have 3 beautiful grown children, two daughters, a son, a daughter-in-law and 2 sons-in-laws and first grandchild arrived in spring of 2017. We lived in Grande Prairie for 25 years. Five years ago we were ready for a change in scenery so we moved to Vancouver Island. We had only been to the island once prior for 4 days. We were on Vancouver Island for 5 years and we absolutely loved it and believe that it is one of the best places in Canada to live! We met many new people and contacts new relationships with the people of Vancouver Island. But, with a family that is growing we felt it was time to come back to our roots. We are looking forward to meeting old friends and making new business and personal relationships.


Dear Carmen & Rene,
I would like to thank you for the great service you provided to us with the home & shop inspection on our recent purchase. I was very pleased with the attention to detail of your report and will be happy to refer you to others in the future. Thanks Again,

- Pat


Thank you so much for completing our home inspection! We would definitely recommend ProActive Home Inspections for anyone looking to have a home inspected in a timely and professional manner. Your detailed report, explanations and follow up was really above and beyond our expectations! Thank you so much Carmen and Rene!

- Rob & Brenda Bauer


Buyer's Home Inspection

  • Our inspector will alert you to red flag safety issues.
  • Shield you from possible costly discoveries after you buy the home and protect your financial interests.
  • Get a full scope of the maintenance and type of repairs that may be necessary.
  • An inspection report can help your insurance agent facilitate the proper coverage.
  • Give you piece of mind.


Thank you for a very thorough and professionally written report. I particularly appreciate the timeliness of the inspection on short notice to comply with our real estate negotiations. I will recommend you to others.

- Tim Sheldan's


Rene and Carmen, I was very pleased with how thorough the inspection was, it gave me lots of negotiating power when it came time to deal on the house, you two are very easy to get along with and felt very comfortable chatting post inspection.

- Sam Buick


Seller's Home Inspection

  • A pre-inspected home is a excellent marketing tool.
  • Offer full disclosure to potential buyers so all parties can proceed with the home purchase process with confidence.
  • By having an inspection done and disclosing needed repairs, you control repair negotiations and could save thousands of dollars.
  • Avoid disappointment from the unknown with last minute emergency repairs and closing delays.

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Realtor's Home Inspection

  • Lends to the credibility of the Realtor who is willing to put forth the interests of both the buyer and seller.
  • Prior acknowledgment of any concerns or defects the home may have will leave buyers with fewer objections, resulting in less negotiation.
  • Buyers may be positively influenced by a professional home inspection report, improving the speed, price, and possibility of a sale.
  • Justify the listing price by documenting the home’s condition.


I would like to thank you for the house inspection that you provided for our family. The inspection was very detailed and thoroughly done. I also appreciate the advice on repairs and would recommend your services to anyone looking for a house inspection. I Look forward to working with you again in the future. Thank You

- Noah


What We Examine During Home Inspection

Structural Components

Our inspector will look at the foundation of the home looking for cracks, bowing, shifting or anything unusual. We will crawl into attic spaces, when accessible, looking for signs of water condensation or penetration. Walls are examined for leakage or mold. The ceilings, especially around electrical fixtures, must be clear of any signs of water leakage.

Exterior Faults

Close inspection of the exterior may reveal where additional caulking is needed to prevent water seepage. Broken seals on glass, decking and settlement cracks, deteriorating tread steps are just a few of the items that we check that may require professional repair. We even check the garage door is tested whether it’s electronic or manual.


The roof is examined closely for loose shingles or tiles, and the flashing is tested for tightness. Tree limbs touching the house provide a passageway for rodents and also can threaten the house. Gutter debris is noted, and all drains are inspected for a tight connection to the house. Skylights and chimneys also are examined for proper sealants.

Heating/Air Conditioning

The entire heating and air conditioning system is tested to verify it’s in working condition, and the appropriate filters are examined. Supply pipes are examined for corrosion. Chimneys must be clear of bird nests, and the chimney frame, whether it’s brick or made of other components, is to be sound.


All visual piping is inspected, including drains, vents and waste systems. Water ingress and egress is examined, water distributors and the sump pump, if present. Drains are examined for signs of leakage or mineral deposits.


The electrical components are examined to ensure they fit and are operating safely. Conductors, grounding equipment and distribution panels are inspected for efficient operation.


Attic and crawl space insulation and vapor barriers are noted on the inspection report. Venting fans that aren’t working also are included. Under-floor insulation, if accessible through the basement, is also examined for deterioration.


Stairways, floors, counters, cabinetry, and the number of windows are included on the inspection report along with notes on any items that don’t function as they should.

ProActive Home Inspections Certifications

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